DMK Skin Revision

DMK enzyme therapy is our most sought-after treatment.  

It is a hard setting face and body mask that is applied from the décolletage, up the neck and over the face. The mask contains living enzymes that stimulate naturally occurring enzymes within the skin to accelerate the cellular processes. 

Upon setting it creates a downward pressure and pulsating action. That stimulates the circulatory system to pump fresh oxygenated blood throughout the capillaries, dilating them and creating a Plasmatic Effect. Plasmatic = Plasma + Blood. It gives the appearance of a roadmap of red capillaries particularly on the neck and decolletage. It indicates nutrients from freshly oxygenated blood have been delivered to the skin cells. This essentially provides a spring clean to the skin. In addition to bringing the good it also removes the bad; detoxifying, moving stagnant blood and dead cell material through the lymphatic system.

DMK Enzyme Therapy is unlike any other treatment on the market. It’s a complete skin revision process that rebuilds and restores the healthy functioning of the skin at a cellular level. A stark contrast to other methods which strip and peel the skin providing purely surface layer treatment. Enzyme therapy was designed to restore homeostasis to the skin and deliver long term results. There are various levels to customize your desired results with DMK Enzyme Therapy.