Q & A

You have questions — I have answers!

What should I wear to my appointment?
Please come to your treatment wearing comfortable clothes. You’re encouraged to dress down to your comfort level and spa wraps are available. During Oxygen Treatments and DMK Enzyme Therapy, your decollete, neck and shoulders need to remain uncovered for proper masking and massage.

Should I wash my face beforehand?
While coming with a fresh face is best, I understand that you may be coming straight from work and there’s no need to rush yourself to wash your face or remove makeup before. I’ve got you and will make sure I get your skin squeaky clean!

Am I allowed to talk during my treatment?
Yes, this is your time so if you are most comfortable talking and asking questions, I encourage you to do so. Additionally, on your intake form there will be a spot to specify if you’d like me to explain the treatment steps as I go or if a silent appointment is preferred. You are welcome to change your mind at any point during the service. I welcome you to speak up about this or any other matter that may come up. Communication between esthetician and client are important for a golden experience.

What if I’m not sure which treatment I need?
I specialize in skin revision, but also offer two Oxygen Treatment options. These are my services for those expecting some relaxation (hand/arm/scalp massage, hydrating masks, ice globe massage to lock in serums, etc.). Anyone looking to correct conditions like acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and barrier repair should book a Skin Revision Consultation.

I’m ready to book, can I just reach out to you?
All new clients must book online, as I require a card on file and small deposit to hold your appointment. Once you’ve been in to see me, you can reach out for booking from that point on if you’d like or you’re welcome to still book at your leisure online. An intake form is sent via text and email after you complete your booking. Please be sure to fill this out prior to your appointment in case I see contraindications on your form for the treatment you’ve selected. There is also an option to attach uploaded photos. These are helpful if you’re a skin revision client, so I can get a head start on your skin analysis.

I see you mention “skin revision” on most of your services. What does that mean?
Skin Revision or corrective skincare is when you combine progressive professional treatments alongside a prescribed home care regimen (home care is required to qualify for skin revision treatments). They aim to correct conditions and issues that cannot be treated with a hydrating facial or one time treatment and may include tools such as peels, microchanneling, DMK Enzyme Therapy and bi-weekly extractions. Skin Revision is a commitment and investment in your skin.

Why is home care required when receiving skin revision treatments?
Think of skin revision as your journey to achieving ultimate skin health and gaining tools along the way to maintain your results. When you work with me, think of it like hiring a personal trainer on your weight loss journey. Workouts with the trainer are equivalent to your time with me and home care is equivalent to your diet. Your in-clinic treatments are 20% of the equation and home care is the other 80%. Without home care, it’s not possible to get any real or long lasting results. It would be a disservice to you and unethical of me to accept your hard earned money for progressive treatments without having a home care requirement. I will always do my best to work with products you currently use and love, but I will also be honest if I feel they are going to hinder your results. I also try to remain conscious of your budget. If treatments and home care is out of your budget, I’ll encourage you to get just the home care and come in for treatments if/when you can. I have had plenty of clients successfully correct certain skin conditions with regularly used home care alone. Consistency is key.

How do I purchase home care if I’m unable to get treatments either due to budget or location?
You will need to book a consultation so I can do a proper skin analysis, go over your lifestyle, current products, current medication, budget and your expectations. In-person and online consultations are available. In-person consultations can be booked online and online consultations can be booked by reaching out directly to me. If you are local, I have the option to book a slot to pickup product as needed and also offer free local delivery within a 10-mile radius.

How do I keep up with Bloom Beauty Bar?
If you provide your email during booking, you will receive emails twice monthly at most with information about studio changes, specials, general skin education and other important information. You can also follow me on IG and Tok Tok @bloombeautybarpdx