OWNER & esthetician

Hannah Nicholson

Since being licensed in 2011, my interest and passion for skin care has only grown over the years and I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you through my services. I first became aware of what an Esthetician was during my time as a Merchandising Manager for ULTA, as we had one on staff. Having always had my own skin struggles, her career piqued my interest. You mean I could learn how to effectively treat my own skin and in turn help others as a profession? Sign me up!

I went to Ogle School of Beauty in Fort Worth, Texas, and took their full-time program during the day, while also waiting tables full-time at night. I even had a toddler at home, so you could say I was deeply committed to learning and starting my career path with skin care.

My approach is empathetic and realistic, as I like to set reasonable expectations. I will never promise perfection or a quick fix, but I will use every product, service, tool and resource available to me in order to give you results that you will love and be proud of, within a reasonable time frame. I am a safe and inclusive space for everyone, so whether you are booking to transform your skin or to pamper yourself and relax, all are welcome.

A little more about me: I moved from Texas because I love all the gorgeous nature that the PNW has to offer. In my spare time you can find me hiking a trail, hitting the road to visit a National Park, baking, wandering thrift/antique shops, watching movies with my daughter, or playing with my pug, Gundersen.