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All the skin Treatments You Need

From quick in-and-out maintenance treatments, to 16-week bootcamps designed to completely transform your skin’s health, Bloom has something for everyone. Your skin is as unique as you are, and our extensive list of services can be tailored to fit your specific needs. 


Facial Bar

Starting at $69
  • Bloom Maintenance Treatment
  • Bloom Cannabliss Treatment
  • Bloom Acne Treatment
  • Bloom 60 Minute Oxygen Treatment
  • Bloom 90 Minute Oxygen Treatment
  • Bloom Comfort Treatment
  • Bloom LED Treatment

Body Bar

Starting at $79
  • Bloom Bumpy Buttocks Treatment
  • Bloom Buttocks Brightening Treatment
  • Bloom Bumpy Back Treatment
  • Bloom Back Brightening Treatment
  • Bloom Intimate Healing Treatment
  • Bloom Intimate Brightening Treatment

Advanced Facial Bar

Starting at $49
  • Bloom Microdermabrasion Treatment
  • DermaplanePro Express Treatment
  • DermaplanePro Red Carpet Treatment
  • Bloom Vitamin C Brightening Treatment
  • Bloom Nano Infusion Express Treatment
  • Bloom Nano Infusion Red Carpet Treatment
  • Bloom Micro-needling Treatment
  • Bloom Micro-needling with AnteAge Stem Cells

Peel Bar

Starting at $149
  • Green Peel by Dr. Schrammek
  • Bloom Chemical Peels

Combo Treatments and Bootcamp Bar

Starting at $249
  • Bloom Skin Refining Combo
  • Bloom Skin Clearing Combo
  • List IteBloom Skin Brightening Combom
  • Bloom Skin Resurfacing Combo
  • Bloom Red Carpet Combo
  • Bloom Glow-Up Bootcamp
  • Bloom Acne Bootcamp